How To Manage Your Child’s Fear Of The Dentist

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Going to the dentist does not have to be uncomfortable or scary for children. Advanced technology makes many procedures pain-free and performed in a short period of time. A family dentist creates a relaxed dental care environment for patients of all ages. Your child’s initial reaction to the dentist will be based on what he or she hears or sees leading up to the appointment. Help reassure your child by talking about the importance of dental care and explaining what will happen when they visit.

Manage Your Child’s Fear Of The DentistChoose a Quality Practice

Look for a qualified dentist who creates an environment that is friendly to kids. Your child will be glad to see other children who have successfully received treatment and are smiling. The color scheme, furniture, and office staff can make all the difference in a child’s dental experience. Family dentistry practitioners offer a friendly atmosphere that understands the first visit can be a scary event for a child. A professional dentistry office will assure your child there’s nothing to fear. A free consultation is often provided so your child can see the office and understand the process.

Offer a Reward

If your brave girl or boy is making their first visit to the dentist, give them something to look forward to after the appointment. Plan to take your child to see a movie, get ice cream, or purchase a special game or toy. While not every visit should result in “rewards,” this is a great way to break the ice. Your dentist may also have suggestions.

Get A Procedure Done With Your Child

Parents who get procedures done with their children can help reduce concerns about a painful experience. Your child is comforted by witnessing a parent experience the procedure first. Ask your dental office if it’s possible to have your appointment just before your child, and then stay with him/her while they’re having work. A professional Corunna dentist can provide great options to prepare your child for a dental visit.

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